Introducing Bridget – New Owner of Door to Paw



Door to Paw is happy to announce that we have a change of ownership.  Our new owner is Bridget Hammond.  Please read below for a little bit of background on her.  Bridget will continue with Door to Paw deliveries and supplying your furries with their food and special treats.


Bridget is very knowledgeable about pet food and nutrition as well as animal rehabilitation. She is very experienced in working with animals and is very willing to help and guide you as far as your pets health is concerned.

We are all very excited to welcome her to Door to Paw


 I have worked with animals my whole career, from marine life to dogs, cats and horses.  I started out at the Two Oceans Aquarium where I worked in various areas with the marine animals themselves.  It was here that I started the turtle rehab.  My love of rehab was then born…



After studying and qualifying in animal physical rehab (equine and canine) through an American company, I left the aquarium and went full time into working with an animal rehab therapist here in Cape Town.  From there I started working with Dr Megan Kelly, from the very beginning of Holisticvet.


I then took a sabbatical after having my second child.  I am now ready for a new challenge, one which of course involves animals. Thankfully the opportunity came up to acquire Door to Paw from Dr Kelly and so once again I am back doing what I love, which is working with animals.


Along with the future of owning and running Door to Paw, I am still actively involved with Dr Kelly in the following areas.  I am the person who fits carts (canine wheelchairs) to dogs that need it due to paralysis.  I am also an assistant, to Dr Kelly, for her pet owners massage and acupressure workshops as well as her strengthening for improved mobility workshops.


Door to Paw is an exclusively online pet food and product retailer, serving the Central and Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.  As we all know, online retail is growing fast.  The convenience of selecting products online, then having them delivered to your door is, I believe, the future.
I look forward to your continued relationship with Door to Paw…