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Grain Free Dog Food: Benefits


A higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet comes closer to the canine’s natural diet as a carnivorous mammal.

Is Grain Free Dog Food Better for Your Dog?

Over the last few years one growing trend in dog food has been in “grain free” products. The diet at its core is a blend of dog food that does not contain ingredients such as corn, oats, wheat, rice and instead are made of meat based ingredients such as fish, turkey, beef, lamb, chicken or duck.

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food


  • Less Waste and reduced food intake
  • Less shedding and healthier coats
  • More energy
  • Fewer allergies and better health
  • Better breath
  • Staying fuller for longer, thus eating less per meal


What is grain free dog food?

A meat based dog food, naturally contains less carbohydrates than grain based dog foods. Grain free dog foods replace the grain with other types of starch such as potato, sweet potato, tapioca, apple or green peas and pears.


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