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Dogmatters: Chicken Wings – Complete Meal



Product Description

Complete Meals – (main component of the diet)

  • Available as chicken wings, chicken necks, chicken breasts, chicken heads, beef.
  • Made from raw meat (where applicable all bone matter), organ meat, vegetables and fruit
  • Rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals
  • Added garlic and kelp to aid in metabolic absorption

Dogmatters Chicken Wings – Complete Meal:

Dogmatters uses only the best quality natural, wholesome, fresh and raw ingredients in the manufacture of our food.

There are no added preservatives, salts, dyes, colors to our raw food.

Dogmatters is able to verify the source of all of its raw products and only uses reputable suppliers.

Dogmatters products have all been registered with the National Department of Agriculture and therefore is compliant with Act 36 of 1947.



  • Alleviates skin conditions
  • Stabilizes weight
  • Increases mobility in arthritic dogs
  • Reduces tarter build-up and improves breath
  • Significantly reduces stool volume and odour
  • An all-round strengthened immune system
  • More environmentally friendly than other dog foods as there is no cooking process

Why raw food?

Quite simply nature did not intend for dogs to eat cooked food, their ancestors hunted and killed their food. Nature’s balanced and nutritious diet was delivered by eating the entire carcass consisting of:

The skin, meat and organs, bones and stomach content.

Cooking dog food renders it biologically inappropriate as:

  • It loses much of its nutritional value
  • Loses enzymes and biologically active essential fatty acid  which when damaged by heat and oxygen, slowly poison the system, doing irreparable damage
  • Cooking also produces carcinogens and anti-immunogens
  • Many minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins become indigestible

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