Regal Stress & Anxiety Remedy

Regal Stress & Anxiety Remedy


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Regal Stress & Anxiety Remedy

Stress and Anxiety Remedy will help to address:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Nervous disposition
  • Problem behaviours e.g. biting, aggression and barking
  • Stressed and highly strung dogs
  • Promote the removal of fats and toxins
  • Excitable or difficult events e.g. competitions, thunderstorms, fireworks or a car trip

Product Description A happy dog makes for a happy home Pets help keep our stress levels under control but what about theirs? With the pace of modern day living being what it is and stress levels continually on the rise, it’s little wonder our pets become affected as well. Pets are known for being very in tune with their owner’s state of mind. How often have you noticed your pet seeking you out to console you when you are feeling blue? They are such a comfort! While they do us a world of good, what about what we do to keep our domesticated companions happy and stress-free? Dogs can be sensitive to all the same forms of stress and anxiety that we are – whether from trauma, physical limitations, boredom, noise, change in routine or separation anxiety to name but a few. Some breeds are also prone to being more highly strung than others, so understanding your dog’s natural disposition is also key to ensuring your dog’s tail keeps wagging with the happy-go-lucky approach to life you love so much. What is Regal’s Stress and Anxiety Remedy? Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy, with a delicious artificial beef flavour, has been specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for calming stressed, anxious and problem dogs. This herbal nerve tonic is beneficial for dogs prone to separation anxiety and problem behaviours (including barking, biting, aggression and hyperactivity). It can also be given to soothe nerves during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks or a car trip. A happy dog makes for a happy home!

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