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Regal Skin Care Remedy – 200ml


Product Description

Regal Skin Care Remedy

Product Description


As humans we take pride in the health of our skin and for our pets this approach should be taken no less earnestly. The state of your dog’s skin is a very clear indication of his/her overall health. There are many culprits that cause skin problems, such as itchy skin, to arise. We all know what it’s like to feel an itch or two but our blessed pets really appear to get the worst of it. Scratching incessantly until their skin is raw and bleeding and even then the itch isn’t gone!


What is Regal Skin Care Remedy?

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy, with a delicious beef flavor, has been specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for treating both acute and chronic skin conditions. This anti-itch herbal remedy will help address skin allergies including fleabites, eczema, rashes and hot spots. For healthy skin and a glossy coat. No-more irritation for you or your furry friend!

This product helps soothe itchy, red, raw and irritated skin caused by allergies or infection, as well as help heal minor wounds, scrapes and insect stings. As an external spray, it works brilliantly with the Recover and Heal and Skin Care Remedy products, giving pooch both internal and external support.

It can be used on it’s own too and provides relief from the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, including sunburn/damage, eczema, hot spots, minor burns and scalds and pressure sores. As an all-round skin healer, this spray is a handy addition to any first-aid kit.


Skin Care Remedy will help to address:

  • Itchy skin
  • Irritated, inflamed skin
  • A lacklustre, dull coat
  • Eczema
  • Hot spots (moist dermatitis)
  • Skin odour
  • Hair loss

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