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Herbal Pet Everypet Formula - 200g tub

The Herbal Pet Everypet Formula – 200g tub


Product Description

Herbal Pet Everypet Formula – 200g tub

The Herbal Pet Everypet Formula – 200g tub

We see  no reason why pet products should be inferior to human products. This is why we make this promise to you and your pets:

Each one of our quality cat and dog supplements:

  • is carefully formulated by Beryl Shuttleworth herself
  • contains herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that we know to be both safe and effective
  • contains only high grade ingredients – no cheap ingredients, no dodgy suppliers
  • is researched regularly, keeping it scientific, up to date and legal

Daily vitamins for dogs and cats

About :

A blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated to treat allergies and skin conditions, as well as give a general immune boost.

Contains :

Vitamins, probiotics, MSM, Evening Primrose oil, Spirulina, Kelp.

Dose :

One half teaspoon (small breeds) to one heaped teaspoon (large breeds) per day, sprinkled on the food. One 200g tub will last one large dog about 1 month and a small dog or cat about 2 months.

Use this:

  • to provide daily vitamins for dogs and cats.
  • if you feed a raw, BARF or home-cooked diet.
  • if you feed commercial pet food.
  • for a healthy, glossy coat.
  • to help to prevent joint problems.


  • This is a nutritional product and is not meant as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.
  • Stop using  immediately if your pet shows any sign of an adverse reaction.


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