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Royal Canin Maxi Adult
For large dogs over 15 months.
Royal Canin Maxi Adult offers complete nutrition for large breed adult dogs (26 to 45 kg) from 15 or 18 months up to 5 years old. Supports optimum digestion, healthy immune system and for healthy joints vital to large breed dog’s mobility.
Helps maintain an ideal body shape from 15 months to 5 years. Maxi dog, weight between 26 and 45kg. 30% lower calorie content in the same volume of food helps promote weight loss without any food restriction. Cardiac tone Taurine helps promote healthy heart function by stimulating normal heart contractions. For healthy joints High glucosamine and chondroitin content helps maintain healthy joints. Enhanced flavour Helps satisfy fussy appetites with a selection of exclusive flavourings and perfect preservation. Manufacturer’s feeding recommendation in g/day: Royal Canin Maxi Adult 5+ Years is a complete feed for dogs. Dog’s weight reduced activity normal activity increased activity 26 kg 310 345 380 28 kg 330 365 400 30 kg 345 385 425 34 kg 380 420 465 38 kg 410 455 505 42 kg 445 490 540 Introduce new food gradually and in stages following this recommendation: Time Amount of old food Amount of new food Day 1 & 2 75% 25% Day 3 & 4 50% 50% Day 5 & 6 25% 75% Day 7 onwards – 100%

Royal Canin manufactures and supplies dog and cat feed worldwide. The company also undertakes research into the formulation and testing of breed and symptom specific nutritional requirements of dogs and cats.

In-depth research enables the company to manufacture products geared towards an animals needs in respect of its breed, health requirements, age and exercise levels. Henri Laguarde was chairman of the company during the 1990s and was the driving force behind implementing three core policies. These were that the physiology and biology of pets should be studied to increase the company’s knowledge base; all products had to address specific needs, which was further endorsed by the Research and Development section having mandatory instructions that “no veterinarian or university should be able to refute any of Royal Canin’s nutritional arguments”; and finally, animals and their nutritional requirements were to be treated with “knowledge and respect” rather than being humanised.  The company theme became “knowledge and respect”.



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