Royal Canin Maxi - German Shepard - 12kg

Royal Canin Maxi – German Shepherd


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Breed Specific.  Specially for German Shepards from 15 months to Adult & Mature

Royal Canin Maxi – German Shepard – 12kg

The German Shepherd Dog is a large-sized breed belonging to the herding group of working dogs. Intelligent as it is versatile, this breed was originally developed in Germany to guard and herd a shepherd’s flocks. The German Shepherd requires an active lifestyle, and makes for an ideal companion and protector.

The German Shepherd has a double coat, which is comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense, slightly wavy or straight outer coat. Its hair, usually tan and black, or red and black in color, is medium in length and is shed all year round. Other rarer colour variations include all-Black, all-White, liver and blue.

The Royal Canin Maxi German Shepherd dog food is formulated to provide proper nutrients essential to keep up with the active lifestyle of adult German Shepherds. Has adequate vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, coat, joints and digestive system for overall optimum health.

Tailor-made food for German Shepherd dogs over 15 months. Ensures maximum digestive well-being for the German Shepherd’s sensitive digestive system. Sensitive skin condition (pH>7) Supports the skin’s “barrier” role and helps maintain the natural beauty of the German Shepherd’s coat. Strong natural defences Supports the natural defences of this active dog and helps maintain vitality in older German Shepherds. Joint support Helps provide support and maintenance for the joints, which are placed under great demand by these active dogs.

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