Royal Canin - Dalmation Adult - 12kg

Royal Canin – Dalmation Adult – 12kg


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Breed Specific.  Dalmation Dog Food from 15 months to Adult & Mature.

Royal Canin – Dalmation Adult – 12kg

The Dalmatian is a well-known dog breed, most famous for its white coat spotted with black or brown markings. Historically used as a carriage dog, this breed is very active and was once even bred to run with horses. Because of this, the Dalmatian is most suitable for dog lovers that can give it attention and time for exercise.

The Dalmatian has an intelligent and alert expression with a short and shiny coat. Its distinctive spots are a well-regarded feature; however, solid patches are not encouraged in the breed standard — an abstract aesthetic ideal for the animal type. The Dalmatian also has an athletic build with strong bones and a square-proportioned body, which gives it endurance, and an effortless and steady trot. The ground colour of a Dalmatian is pure white with dense, black spots, while liver-spotted Dalmatians have liver brown spots.

The Royal Canin Maxi Dalmatian Adult dog food is scientifically formulated to provide the adequate nutritional needs of 15-month old and above adult dalmatian dogs. Has Vitamin B and added Vitamin A for healthier coat and skin. The low purine content helps regulate uric acid and prevents urinary stone formation. Vital nutrients strengthen cardiac muscle for healthy heart function.

Tailor-made food for Dalmatian dogs over 15 months. Dalmatian 22 has been specially formulated with low levels of purines to help moderate the excretion of uric acid in the urine and thus reduce the risk of urinary stones forming. Sensitive skin condition The patented complex of B group vitamins and a specific amino acid helps reinforce the skin’s barrier role and helps reduce cutaneous dehydration. The addition of vitamin A helps regulate epidermal growth and production of sebum, while EPA and DHA help further support the skin. Intense colour spots A strengthened phenylalanine and tyrosine content, along with amino acids essential for the synthesis of pigments, optimise the intensity of coat colour. Cardiac tone With a complex of taurine, L-carnitine and omega 3 fatty acids, Dalmatian 22 Adult helps support good heart muscle function.

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