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Pro Pac Ultimates, Mature, Chicken and Brown Rice



Product Description

Pro Pac Ultimates, Mature, Chicken and Brown Rice is scientifically formulated to be nutritionally complete and balanced for your less-active or older dog.

  • Older dogs still need protein. PRO PAC ® Senior provides just the right amount of protein, and enough fat to provide energy and promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.
  • Only the highest-quality chicken meal and chicken fat is used in PRO PAC ® Senior, making it highly palatable and easy to digest.
  • PRO PAC ® Senior tastes great, and is easy for older dogs to chew.

Like all PRO PAC ® dog food formulas, PRO PAC ® Senior is naturally preserved and contains no by-products. 100% guaranteed.

Bag sizes:

  • 3 kilograms
  • 7.5 kilograms
  • 15 kilograms

Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Official procedures substantiate that PRO PAC ® Senior provides complete and balanced nutrition for all stages of a dog’s life.

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