Pro Pac Adult Cat

Pro Pac Adult Cat



Product Description

PRO PAC ® Cat Adult formula is a nutritious, great-tasting cat food, specially formulated for the needs of discriminating cats and their owners.

Quality ingredients make PRO PAC ® Cat Adult formula highly palatable and easy to digest. And its proper balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals promotes…


  • Healthy skin and coats
  • Bright eyes
  • Firm, consistent stools


PRO PAC ® Cat Adult formula is naturally preserved and contains no by-products. It is 100% guaranteed.

Bag sizes:


  • 3 kilograms
  • 7.5 kilograms


Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Official procedures substantiate that PRO PAC ® Cat Adult formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for all stages of a cat’s life.



Pro Pac Adult Cat

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