Rooibos Anti-Itch Rooibos Biscuits

Rooibos Anti-Itch Rooibos Biscuits



Product Description

All natural and ethically produced ingredients

Meat free

Preservative free

Organic Rooibos and Chamomile infused with grape seed oil

Suitable for all size dogs

Tried and tested on even the fussiest canines

Excellent aid in reward training

Hand made with love

Rooibos Anti-Itch Rooibos Biscuits


Rooibos Anti-itch for animals is made from the highest quality ingredients.

Pure Organic South African Rooibos tea leaves, from the Cederburg and

Organic Chamomile flowers are infused in a blend of vegetable

and Grape Seed oil.

The medicinal properties of Rooibos tea are well documented.

It has been shown to boost the immune system, it has anti-allergic and antispasmodic

properties. Rooibos contains Iron, Potassium and Copper which are all

good for metabolic function. Calcium, Manganese, Zinc and Alpha Hydroxy Acid are essential for healthy skin and bones. Recent studies have shown that Rooibos helps to prevent cancerous tumours and is effective in healing skin irritation. Likewise Chamomile flowers have been found to have the following healing properties: Boosts the immune system, relaxes the nerves and soothes the stomach,   reducesinflammation, improves liver function and helps rheumatism.

Chamomile is also an effective anti-depressant and analgesic. Grape Seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and it has been found to improve blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The combination of the these three ingredients acts as not only a powerful itch soother, but other benefits for example, easing arthritic pain in older animals has been recognized.

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