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Meradog: Light – High Premium – Wheat Free


Meradog Light – Extremely tasty, wheat-free and low calorie dog food. For fully-grown dogs with a tendency to be overweight. Ideal for weight loss or weight retention. With careconcept – creates 360 degrees of total satisfaction. Wheat-free dog food formula 25 % protein / 8 % fat With Meradog careconcept an OdorStop formula balanced an […]

Royal Canin Maxi Adult

Royal Canin Maxi Adult

Royal Canin Maxi Adult For large dogs over 15 months. Royal Canin Maxi Adult offers complete nutrition for large breed adult dogs (26 to 45 kg) from 15 or 18 months up to 5 years old. Supports optimum digestion, healthy immune system and for healthy joints vital to large breed dog’s mobility. Helps maintain an […]

Regal Skin Care Remedy – 200ml

regal skin care remedy

Regal Skin Care Remedy Product Description Itch-scratch-itch-scratch-itch!!! As humans we take pride in the health of our skin and for our pets this approach should be taken no less earnestly. The state of your dog’s skin is a very clear indication of his/her overall health. There are many culprits that cause skin problems, such as […]