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Regal Skin Care Remedy – 200ml

regal skin care remedy

Regal Skin Care Remedy Product Description Itch-scratch-itch-scratch-itch!!! As humans we take pride in the health of our skin and for our pets this approach should be taken no less earnestly. The state of your dog’s skin is a very clear indication of his/her overall health. There are many culprits that cause skin problems, such as […]

Ricky Litchfield: Complete Care Wipes

Ricky Litchfield Complete Care Wipes

Handy, hygienic, healing antiseptic pet care wipes ideal for: Wound care and hot spots – disinfects and promotes healing Bites, stings and scratches – cleans and soothes Paws – sanitises to prevent infection Ears – maintains hygiene Eyes – gently controls discharge Skin conditions – relieves itching and promotes healing Grooming – mild / safe […]

Ricky Litchfield: Shampoo


A gentle, natural and soothing shampoo with the benefits  of Buchu oil or pets with sensitive skin.   Natural & Preservative free   Antiseptic, Antibacterial, antifungal   Relieves allergic skin conditions   Soothes itchin skin   Promotes a healthy, shiny coat   Contains natural conditioning agent   Natural and preservative free   Use in conjunction with […]

Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi's Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml This wonderful infusion of Rooibos, Chamomile and Spirulina with grapeseed oil is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. Taken orally, it is easy to administer over food or directly into the mouth. The medicinal and heeling properties of Rooibos and Camomile are well documented and are a must […]