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Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi's Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml This wonderful infusion of Rooibos, Chamomile and Spirulina with grapeseed oil is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. Taken orally, it is easy to administer over food or directly into the mouth. The medicinal and heeling properties of Rooibos and Camomile are well documented and are a must […]

Rooibos Anti-Itch Training Treats

Rooibos Anti-Itch Training Treats

THE INGREDIENTS Rooibos Anti-itch for animals is made from the highest quality ingredients. Pure Organic South African Rooibos tea leaves, from the Cederburg and Organic Chamomile flowers are infused in a blend of vegetable and Grape Seed oil. The medicinal properties of Rooibos tea are well documented. It has been shown to boost the immune […]

Rooibos Anti-Itch Oil

rooibos anti-itch oil

Rooibos Anti-itch oil is an internal nutritional supplement. It is a palatable oil which can be poured over food or given as is. Most animals enjoy the taste and will lap it up without coaxing. It can also be used topically for rashes and hot spots, only on UNBROKEN skin.

Ricky Litchfield: Good Dog Treats

Chicken Treats 3D

Ricky Litchfield products are an all-natural product range for dogs which contains the active ingredient Buchu extract. Buchu is a Fynbos shrub that is indigenous to South Africa and has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine. The Buchu extract found in this range contains the potent bioflavonoids quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin as […]