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Meradog: PURE mini Chicken and Rice – High Premium – Gluten Free


Extremely tasty, gluten-free dog food with a suitable kibble size for mini-breeds. Suitable for dogs with allergies or intolerances to gluten. Gluten-free 24 % protein / 12 % fat With the Mini-Plus complex With Colostrum – nature’s immune system protection With the Meradog protection concept 100% Made in Germany Produced to foodstuff standards Produced with green […]

Meradog: PURE Turkey and Rice – High Premium – Wheat Free


Extremely tasty, gluten-free dog food. For fully-grown dogs with special requirements, nutritional problems, intolerances or allergies. Gluten-free 22 % protein / 9 % fat With Colostrum – nature’s immune system protection With Meradog protection concept 100% “Made in Germany” Produced to foodstuff standards Produced with green electricity – CO2 neutral No colourants or preservatives Protein […]

The Benefits of Grain Free Pet Food – Blog

Grain free dog food

Grain Free Dog Food: Benefits   A higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet comes closer to the canine’s natural diet as a carnivorous mammal. Is Grain Free Dog Food Better for Your Dog? Over the last few years one growing trend in dog food has been in “grain free” products. The diet at its core is […]

Efazol 250ml

Efazol 250ml

Efazol  250ml A nutritional aid in the management of inflammatory skin conditions . EFAZOL liquid is a palatable nutritional supplement containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and zinc known to play an important role in the management of certain skin conditions in dogs. It has been shown that Essential Fatty Acid supplementation can facilitate the reduction […]

Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi's Rooibos Oil 100ml

Vondi’s Rooibos Oil 100ml This wonderful infusion of Rooibos, Chamomile and Spirulina with grapeseed oil is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. Taken orally, it is easy to administer over food or directly into the mouth. The medicinal and heeling properties of Rooibos and Camomile are well documented and are a must […]